Shakes & ScallopsShakes Scallops Vinyl Siding

Looking for a way to help your home stand out?

Window World Shakes and Scallops are an ideal enhancement. Color matched to the siding, these distinctive accents create the look and appeal of custom craftsmanship.

Window World Shakes.

Window World ShakesOnce only associated with coastal homes, shake siding is becoming an increasingly popular siding option for homes across the country. Whether used as conventional siding or as an accent, Window World Shakes are designed to add the appeal of natural cedar shake but without the required upkeep.

The random grain is taken from actual cedar shake to provide realistic shadow lines and an exceptional finished appearance. Choose from a multitude of colors to create the finished look you desire.

Window World Scallops.

Window World ScallopsEven if you don’t own a Victorian or Queen Ann, Window World Scallops allow you to add style and originality to your home. The simple use of scallops in a gable can change the entire look and feel of your home. And, with a wide selection of color options, you can create a color palette unique to you.

Peace of Mind.

With Window World Shakes and Scallops you can count on years of not having the expense of scraping, sanding, painting and staining. Each panel is carefully manufactured with a unique finish that improves fade resistance and weatherability. The Window World Shake line now offers an exciting variety of rich and unique colors that are made possible through an acrylic finish process. Window World Shakes and Scallops offer you the natural beauty of cedar and much, much more.

Window World Shakes and Scallops are backed by a lifetime, limited warranty.