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Patio Doors

At Window World of Central Louisiana, we’re proud to offer residents of Monroe, Ruston and Alexandria superior replacement products like windows, doors and vinyl siding. We’re especially proud of our patio doors that boast many benefits including energy efficiency, customization options, a protective weather tight infrastructure and more.

Constructed with a heavy mainframe and sash, the multi-chambered extrusions and steel-reinforced interlocking meeting rails combine for superior strength against the outdoor elements. Never worry about the temperature feeling uncomfortable in your home, our patio doors are made with a 1” thick insulated glass unit that keeps you cool during the summer and warm during the winter.

French Style

Patio DoorsEnjoy authentic “French door” charm but with the floor space-saving convenience of a sliding patio door. The 5″ top rail, 7″ bottom rail and 3″ side rails further enhance the aesthetic appeal.

Whole Door Values
French-Style Patio Door
SolarZone Elite.27.19
SolarZone TG2.21.23

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Decorative Handles

The graceful contour of our French-Style Sliding Patio Door handles sets them apart. Each handle features a top lock for added resistance.
Patio Doors

Contemporary Style

Patio DoorsWith symmetrical 3″ rails and sleek architectural lines, our Contemporary-Style Sliding Patio Door will impart casual elegance to your home. From day one, you’ll appreciate the quiet, easy gliding and impeccable craftsmanship.

Whole Door Values
Contemporary-Style Patio Door
SolarZone Elite.27.20
SolarZone TG2.20.25

Save More Energy with SolarZone

SolarZone Insulated Glass Packages have proven to be far more effective than ordinary clear glass units. Take a closer look at the performance data on the patio door’s glass label. The lower the U-Value (also known as U-Factor), the less energy you’ll need to heat your home. The lower the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC), the more you’ll conserve on air-conditioning.

Classic Style

Patio DoorsTraditional beauty carries the day with our Classic-Style Sliding Patio Door. Generous 5″ rails and smart finishing details exude quality and refinement – for a welcoming entry that’s always in good taste.

Whole Door Values
Classic-Style Patio Door
SolarZone Elite.27.18
SolarZone TG2.21.22

Decorative Handles

Add your personal touch to your Contemporary-Style or Classic-Style Sliding Patio Door with one of our beautifully crafted handles. The popular handle design features a convenient thumb latch for added appeal.

Patio Doors Patio Doors



Clear: Clear double-pane insulated glass unit.
SolarZone: Soft coat, multi-layer, vacuum deposition Low-E glass with argon gas and Intercept Warm-Edge Spacer System.
SolarZone Elite: Soft coat, SHGC multi-layer, vacuum deposition Low-E glass with argon gas and Intercept Warm-Edge Spacer System.
SolarZone TG2: Triple-pane unit with two surfaces of Low-E glass and two air spaces of argon gas with the Intercept Warm-Edge Spacer System.