Energy Star Partner Windows

Energy Star PartnerWindow World replacement window systems have been named Energy Star® Partner of the year for each of the past 3 years. Window World sells and installs well over 1 million windows into homes across America, and each year more and more of these windows are Energy Star certified, as Energy Star windows are becoming the preferred choice for replacement windows throughout the nation.

Window World of Central Louisiana is committed to the Energy Star® program and the continued effort to conserve energy usage in homes and businesses throughout Central Louisiana and the rest of the nation. Energy efficient vinyl replacement windows from Window World of Central Louisiana are guaranteed to meet or exceed Energy Star® guidelines for the great state of Louisiana. This means that not only will our windows beautify your Central Louisiana area home, but they will also save you bundles of money on your monthly and annual energy bills!

What is Energy Star® Certification?

Energy Star® is an independent United States Government program which has established a standard set of guidelines to identify and streamline the energy efficiency values of various home improvement products, such as replacement windows and replacement doors. ENERGY STAR® guidelines are used in conjunction with a variety of insulation materials, including the construction materials used in all Window World of Central Louisiana products, such as replacement windows and patio doors. Since the ENERGY STAR® program was created over a decade ago, ENERGY STAR program guidelines have helped double the efficiency of windows they endorse, creating a drastic reduction in the average amount of energy a home uses.

What is the “Energy Star® Partner of the Year” award?

This award honors partners such as Window World of Central Louisiana for their commitment to successfully managing energy usage and promoting Energy Star® products and practices within their own organization. Not only do we sell and install countless energy efficient windows in the Central Louisiana area, but we also have partnered with Energy Star to donate energy efficient windows to deserving families throughout Central Louisiana and the Northern United States. Window World is proud to be one of very few window replacement companies to receive the prestigious Energy Star “Partner of the Year” award each year!

In addition to Energy Star Partnership, Window World of Central Louisiana has also received many other prestigious awards, certifications, and accreditations! Contact Window World of Central Louisiana to learn more about our award-winning replacement windows, and to schedule a free in-home window estimate!

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Good Housekeeping Seal Windows

Good Housekeeping Logo


The Good Housekeeping Seal is one of the most prestigious and recognized names in the home improvement industry. Good Housekeeping products are trusted because of their dedication to customer satisfaction, and having products that are manufactured from exceptional materials, which have a superior warranty backing them. These are just a few of the reasons as to why replacement windows from Window World of Central Louisiana have earned Good Housekeeping Seal honors.

Replacement Windows from Window World of Central Louisiana weren’t just awarded the Good Housekeeping Seal, we earned it. That’s why it is reassuring for our replacement windows customers and potential customers to see the GH Seal, because it lets our customers know that our replacement window and door products have been thoroughly evaluated by scientists, engineers, and energy technicians at the Good Housekeeping Research Institute (GHRI). Founded in 1909, GHRI has the distinction of being the oldest consumer product-testing lab of its size in the nation. And the demanding standards of the Good Housekeeping Research Institute set the benchmark for product integrity and consumer trust.

A common misconception of the Good Housekeeping Seal is that it is merely another product award or endorsement. However in fact, the GHS symbolizes a two-year warranty on the product it represents. The seal of approval means that Good Housekeeping will replace or refund defective products within two years of purchase, so you can shop worry-free. It’s an invaluable benefit and the ultimate in peace of mind for the consumer. Window World of Central Louisiana is proud to be named Good Housekeeping Seal approved, year in and year out!

Contact Window World of Central Louisiana to learn more about our award-winning replacement windows, and to schedule a free in-home window estimate!

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EPA Lead Safe Window Installation

Considering Renovating, Repairing, or Painting? Questions to Consider:

  • Is your home, your office building, or the child care facility or school your children attend, being renovated, repaired, or repainted?
  • Was the building being renovated or repaired built before 1978?

If the answer to either of the above questions is YES, then there are a few important things you need to know about lead-based paint.

2010 EPA Lead-Based Regulations:

Lead-Safe Certified FirmAs decided and made enacted into law by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) the property owner has the ultimate responsibility for the safety of their family, tenants, or children within their care. This means properly preparing for the home or building renovation, and keeping children and other persons out of the work area. It also means ensuring that the home improvement contractor (Window World of Central Louisiana) uses proper lead-safe work practices, and has received lead-safe certification as required by the EPA. These guidelines should be followed for any sort of home installation or removal or products that may disturb longstanding paint or drywall, such as replacement windows or replacement doors.

As of April 2010, federal law requires all home improvement contractors that use lead-based paint in homes, child care facilities, and schools that were built before 1978 to be lead-safe certified and to follow specific work guidelines to prevent lead contamination in homes.

IMPORTANT: Ask if the contractor is trained to perform lead-safe work practices and to see a copy of their training certificate. The fines are up to $32,500 per occurrence if lead is present and a lead certified contractor is not present and employing lead safe practices. Window World of Central Louisiana is lead-safe certified, however it is always a good idea to verify by asking for lead-safe certification or paperwork.

Important Lead Facts:

  • Lead-based paints were widely used prior to it being banned for residential use in 1978, and research has shown that over 75% of homes built prior to 1978 were constructed using interior or exterior lead-based paint.
  • Prior to its banning in 1978, lead-based paint was used in more than 38 million homes.
  • Lead can damage adults’ and children’s’ brains and nervous systems which have been linked to reduced IQs, learning disabilities, and behavioral difficulties.
  • Lead particulates in dust are the most common way people are exposed to lead. These particulates are frequently caused by post-construction debris in homes build pre-1978.

How to Protect Your Family During a Pre-1978 Home Renovation or Construction Project

  • Thoroughly clean floors, window sills, and other surfaces around the house after any in-home construction project.
  • Wash children’s hands, bottles, pacifiers, and toys and use anti-bacterial sanitizer often, specifically after an in-home construction or renovation project.
  • Provide your children and family with a healthy, nutritious diet in order to protect them from the negative effects of lead particles. A strong body and immune system can help minimize the effects of lead poisoning.
  • Clean and wipe shoes before entering house.
  • Contain all dust particles inside the work area using a plastic sheet, drape, or other form of divider.
  • Make sure the lead-safe home improvement contractor is using dust-minimizing and careful cleanup work methods.

For more information on Lead-safe certification, and how to protect your home and loved ones during an in-home renovation or construction project, please read the lead paint information on the Window World Corporate website, which discusses lead paint best practices in greater detail. Or simply speak to our Replacement Window Specialists during your free, in-home window estimate and demonstration!